Yahoo chief Carol Bartz explains where Google is failing!

Carol Bartz, head of Yahoo, has some business advice for Google.  It’s unclear why Ms Bartz thinks Google NEEDS her advice, but in a weird interview with The BBC, Ms Bartz said that Google is heading for problems, unless it takes her advice.  She explains:

“Google is going to have a problem because Google is only known for search.” “…It is only half our business; it’s 99.9% of their business. They’ve got to find other things to do.”

Yahoo has often been accused of over diversifying and acquiring dozens of great websites, which often fade into nothing after the acquisition.  This prompted Mike Arrington’s techcrunch to famously proclaim that Yahoo is; “where start-up’s go to die!  Those sites that have managed to survive, like photo sharing site Flickr, have been called out for Yahoo’s failure to brand them as part of Yahoo.

Google: Only known for search?

Carol Bartz’s claims that Google is only known for search, will come as a bit of a surprise to hundreds of millions of Gmail and Google Docs users – As well as those of us using the Google Chrome browser or the Android phone OS, and the dozen or so Google Buzz users (just kidding.)  In fact, Google is more used to being attacked by its rivals for being too diverse!

Yahoo is very successful in some areas, with usually ranked in the top 4 most visited sites in the world.  However, this  latest blast at Google’s business model seems odd to say the very least.  Maybe next time she will be teaching ‘Zuck how to grow Facebook’s user base?

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