WordPress.com – Highly recommended!

Occasionally, you buy a product or receive a service that is ‘just so incredibly good’ that you want to let everyone know.  I have one such service to recommend to you today – that service is WordPress.com

According to Wikipedia, WordPress.com is a ‘WordPress-powered blog hosting provider.’  In real terms, it is an extremely easy way for you to get a polished-looking blog on the Internet very quickly and easily – for free!

This blog is hosted via WordPress.com and as regular visitors will know, it runs quickly and is 100% reliable.

“This is in stark contrast to my experiences with Dreamhost, a chargeable hosting service; which I had to remove a blog from after just a few weeks, because of the shockingly-poor, unreliable service I received!”

WordPress.com also benefits from an extremely strong support community – people who know the software really well and are always willing to help via the excellent WordPress.com forums.

The only quibble I have with WordPress.com is their decision not to allow users to add any plugins to their WordPress.com blogs.  This means WordPress.com blogs cannot benefit from useful things like contact forms or from advertising revenue etc.  In fairness, there are some very good reasons for not allowing plugins too.

Some WordPress benefits

There are way too many great WordPress.com benefits to tell you about in one post.  I personally love the fact that WordPress.com; handle all my back-ups, look after security and deal with all the software upgrades etc.

WordPress.com – Ultra reliable

WordPress.com blogs, like this one, are hosted on a number of different servers.  This means that the odds on a blog ‘going down’ due to too much traffic are remote.  I had one of my posts read by over 12,000 people in less than an hour recently – and the blog remained super-fast for all of them!

WordPres.com ‘gives you’ stacks of new readers for free!

The WordPress.com ‘tag’ system means people searching WordPress for topics related to your posts will be able to find you.  I get a huge number of new viewers every single day, because of this great feature.

Summing up

As you might be able to tell, I am a BIG fan of WordPress.com and the great people (paid and unpaid) who support it.  I have been a regular Internet user since the mid 1990′s and in my opinion, WordPress.com is without equal – not just in the blogging arena – but anywhere online.

Thanks WordPress!

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