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Windows 7 seems to be getting some pretty positive reviews right now. I used it on one of my machines a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit, it was quite impressive.  However, I think the price of Windows 7 is going to have to be pretty impressive too, if Microsoft want to reverse some of the damage caused by Vista.

I wrote about Windows 7 back at the start of November.  It’s been a very popular post, with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people landing on this blog each day; searching for Windows 7 pricing / upgrade information.

However, when you look at what they are searching for, you get a glimpse into the expectancy within the marketplace.

Windows 7 free upgrade?

Amazingly, 12% of people arrive here looking for details of a Windows 7 FREE upgrade for Vista users!  However, almost 30% of people arrive here searching for information on a reduced Windows 7 upgrade price.  In other words, whilst this is not a scientific study, it DOES seem that frustrated Vista users are expecting ‘some kind’ of reduced upgrade option.

I think if Microsoft can match the improved performance of Windows 7 with a realistic price – it could work.  However, as we head into a global recession, is there really a significant market for an OS that costs as much as a netbook or low-end laptop?

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