How to unlock Samsung Galaxy s6 edge for free for any other operator

Samsung Galaxy s6 edge was rated the best selling after it’s manufacture due to the nice features it came with. Although samsung has been bad in the aspect of their battery cell,as it is not strong,but that of Galaxy s6 edge was an exception.This problem was solved by giving the phone a Qi wireless charger or an external battery pack.This wonderful phone also came with a curved display that fades away seamlessly into the sides of the phone making the urge to get it more for people that like styles. Buying Samsung s6 edge is everybody’s dream but it is as good as buying a locked phone.

This is the work of the service providers where this phones are purchased.Due to the high price of the phone most people decide to buy from the service providers to minimize cost. For you to unlock the phone you will need an unlock code that will be given to you by your service provider as long as your account with them is still standing.


Below are the steps on how to unlock samsung galaxy s6 edge
1 – You will have to dail #06# from your phone to get ur IMEI number or you can check a label at the battery pack.
2- Request for your sim unlock code from your service provider.You may tell the person you plan to use a local service while away from your location.
3- Provide your galaxy s6 edge IMEI number to your service provider to help him further the unlock request.
4- Your service provider will send you an email showing you the sim unlock code in a space of 1-3 days. Then for the unlocking proper,you have to;
1: Remove the sim from the sim tray at the side of the phone.
2: Replace the sim of your service provider with another sim from a different carrier.3:When it displays,enter the sim unlock code given to you by your service provider.
4: Your Samsung Galaxy s6 edge is sim unlocked.
Then for people using Samsung Galaxy s6 edge produced for other companies like AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon respectively has a little work to do in their unlocking process, which is For AT&T users, after requesting for your sim unlock code from your service provider,you have to go to the AT&T device unlock site to complete your sim unlock request form.
For sprint users,you have to cal sprint customer service by dialing 1-866-866-7509 to ask for your unlock code.

For T-mobile users,check the t-mobile phone unlock application and use that to unlock your phone. Fortunately for Verizon users, Samsung Galaxy s6 edge for Verizon’s are sim unlocked. Please note that for your service provider to grant you your sim unlock code,there are things he considers:
1:Your phone must be in a working condition for a duration of 30 to 50 days.2:You must have paid for the phone in full.3:The phone must not be complained to have been stolen or lost.4: Your account as the customer must be properly standing and effective.
The Samsung Galaxy s6 edge can last for four hours after been charged for jst 10mins because of its supercharging support and the screen size also remains 5.1 inches,and has also been increased to 1440 * 2560 pixels [577 ppi pixel density]  find out more here.

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