Twitter unfollowing trend?

Yesterday, on Twitter, Loic Le Meur decided to unfollow everyone he was following. Interestingly, he kept all his followers, though. 

Then today, Jason Calacanis did the same thing – kept all his followers but unfollowed them all! 

This has to be seen as a crazy business move for Loic as the producer of Twhirl – a tool for managing your Twitter account! Indeed, having to dump those he followed because he could not keep up is hardly an endorsement of his software.

Jason Calacanis making this move is far less surprising. He has a hardcore of followers who will follow him regardless of his actions. 

Twitter unfollow trend

I think more highly-followed Twitter users will copy Loic and Jason’s actions. Loic seems to have set the trend and made it OK for “Twitter celebrities” to delete all those they follow whilst holding onto their ‘followers’ so they can broadcast to them.

What do you think?

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