TweetDeck gets $500,000 funding

I was delighted to hear that TweetDeck, my favourite Twitter App, has managed to get funding to the tune of a cool half million dollars! TweetDeck is the brainchild of Iain Dodsworth, who decided to develop an App that would help him keep track his Twitter followers.

What is TweetDeck?

For those of you who don’t already know; TweetDeck is a cross platform, (Adobe AIR) Twitter App, which allows you to manage your network of followers.  It’s also used by most of the heavily followed people on Twitter.  (As @jimconnolly I use it myself, to keep in touch with 20k people who ‘follow’ me.)

Apparently, TweetDeck’s been downloaded a quarter of a million people, since it’s first incarnation in June of 2008.  There’s also an iPhone version in the works!

The TweetDeck business model?

Much like Twitter itself, it seems there is no actual business model behind TweetDeck, at least at the moment.  In fairness, the software is still in beta.  Interestingly, in an interview with MediaMemo, Dodsworth says he would like to offer a ‘Pro’ version of the software; for so-called power users and corporations.

You can get yourself a copy of TweetDeck from here.

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