The Apple Macintosh is 25 tomorrow

The Apple Macintosh computer is 25 years old tomorrow.  Although I was using a Sinclair Spectrum computer at the time, I remember the first time I actually saw the original Apple Macintosh running and was amazed. The machine was just a few months old and it was the first time I had ever seen or used, a mouse!

Happy birthday Apple Macintosh

This post on the superb BBC’s Tech News pages tells us that:

.. the original machine had a 9in screen in an upright beige case, 128k of RAM, internal floppy drive, and came with keyboard and single-button mouse.

Apple marketing then and now

Things have moved on a lot since then, but one thing remains – Apple’s attention to marketing and promotion! Even then, the launch commercial for the first Apple Macintosh was created by the legendary Ridley Scott and played during the Superbowl, on 22nd January 1984!

Happy birthday Apple Macintosh!

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