Scoble leaves Fast Company

Today, Robert Scoble has confirmed that he is to cease his current full time position with Fast Company.  According to techcrunch, Robert has said that part of the reason he’s leaving Fast Company, is that Seagate have not renewed their $1million a year contract.

Scoble’s next gig?

All the time Scoble’s spent with his buddy, marketing legend Seth Godin, has really paid off!  If you want to know what Scoble’s planning next….. you’re going to have to wait until his announcement at SXSW!  This is a typical Scoble play – and part of the reason he can attract $1million contracts!

I have received a lot of flack in the past, for openly voicing my appreciation for Scoble’s work. I don’t always agree with him – but I respect his opinion and knowledge. As soon as I find out what’s next for Scoble, you will read it here!

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