PC sales better than expected say Gartner

According to Gartner research, PC sales have dropped by around half as much as analysts expected; with shipments down by just 5% as opposed to 9.8%.   It seems the sale of netbook computers is largely to thank for these better than expected figures.

The demand for cheaper, more portable computers has seen netbook sales grow by an impressive 20% on last year and given many PC manufacturers and suppliers a much-needed boost.  Even Sony, who recently claimed the market for netbooks was ; “a race to the bottom” has now entered the market, with their Sony Viao W netbook.

Hewlett Packard on top – Dell sinking

Hewlett Packard remains the top selling PC brand. It has seen it’s share of the market grow from18.1% last year to 19.6% this year.  Gartner claim HP’s ‘aggressive’ price cuts are behind it’s recent growth.

Dell remain in second place, though heading in the opposite direction; with it’s market share down from 15.6% last year to 13.6% this year.

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