More iPhone publicity on the BBC

Just 48 hours after I blogged about the mountain of pre-launch publicity the BBC are ‘giving’ to Apple’s new iPhone – the BBC are doing it again! You can read their latest iPhone pre-launch publicity article here!

In the UK, the BBC are not allowed to advertise; yet they are giving stacks of powerful publicity to Apple’s iPhone, which would cost a company a fortune to buy, because the BBC is seen as being ‘neutral.’

No one at the BBC has been bothered to respond to the various questions raised regarding this publicity in their blog. This is unusual, as they often do respond to posts on their blogs. Could it be that they realised their gaffe and want it to die down?

Nope – they are at it again!
They may not have answered the questions surrounding their iPhone coverage, but they have managed to crank out yet another pre-launch promotional piece for their beloved iPhone.
You can read it here!

Apple love
I love the iPhone too, use a Mac most days and will not go near a gym without my beloved iPod. My issue is not with Apple; my issue is with the double standards at the BBC.

That same BBC blog, which promotes Apple and the iPhone and gives acres of space to it, has a set of rules, which clearly state that no one can post anything that promotes products or services. You can’t even comment on their blog, if your user name is linked in any way to a business (seriously.)

BBC love
I am a big fan of the BBC and I work on the BBC occasionally as a reviewer for BBC radio. I Find it disappointing that no one has clarified the situation or explained why it’s OK to promote / publicise ’some’ companies and products and not others.

Dear BBC
If there IS a reason that explains what ’seems’ to be a real double standard, let us know!

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