Interesting tech design and inventions coming out of British Columbia

Vancouver is one of the most popular places of the world. There are many enterprises and path-breaking innovators who have taken their start in this city in the recent years. The city is not only known for its illustrations but it is also the house for many tech designs and inventions. Today, we’re going to take a look at the latest tech designs and inventions that have recently been launched in the British Columbia.

British Columbia Tech summit took place on March 14 & 15 this year. More than 5,500 investors, entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders, and students gathered for this amazing event to make new connections, exchange new ideas and explore the latest tech innovations.

More than 1,000 companies came to attend the event and the best Web design company in Surrey, Bc also sent its representors to join others in sharing their thoughts and ideas. Around 262 institutions, organizations and companies displayed their unique research and innovation. Let’s take a look at different inventions that were displayed in this event.

Water purifier

A water purifier was introduced by a University of British Columbia. The remarkable thing about this purifier is that it purifies the dirty water and turns it into drinking water. They are still conducting some tests over it because it is such a great invention that hasn’t been introduced before. Tanks of fiber membranes are included in the system that holds the bacteria, organic particles, viruses and dirt after catching them.

And after catching all the contaminated ingredients it lets the filter through. Now they are focusing on a breakdown pollutants. After testing the purifier in the event, everyone agreed that it has the ability to remove 99.99% contaminants from the water. The water purifier is a very old invention but the technique they have used in their system to purify the water is completely new.

The system they have installed in the purifier removes the captured contaminants with the help of gravity. The best thing about this purifier is that it is low-maintenance. After running a few more successful experiments, they’ll send the purifier in the international market.

They say that they are trying to decrease the price of the purifier so that everyone can use the purifier without having to worry about the budget.

3D printed air circulation

Raymond Wang is one of the young tech experts who’ve reached a higher rank before their 20s. He introduced the 3D printed air circulation invention in this event. He designed this system at his parents’ home in Vancouver. All the members of the event appreciated his effort a lot. During a conversation, he revealed that he has a goal of introducing the world with a completely new technology.

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