How Instagram Grew to be the Giant it is Today in the Tech Industry?

If you don’t know what Instagram is, then you should book your ticket and go back to the 1960s because you are not made for this advanced world. Instagram has become so popular these days that people from all walks of life are aware of it and almost everyone has this app installed on their phone because this is the great source of entertainment these days.

You can easily collaborate with your favorite celebrities and you can stay aware of their everyday routine if you are a crazy fan. Similarly, you can perform several other amazing activities on Instagram. That’s why the number of users is constantly increasing on Instagram and most of the new users are those that are looking to Buy Instagram likes because they want to become popular on this fastest growing social media platform.

But do you think that Instagram started its journey from the track where it is today? Well, we wish that it had started its journey on the same track. However, the reality is different than what we think.

Instagram has gone through multiple developments like many other social media platforms. The only difference is that the Instagram community was committed to providing the best services to the users while others were trying to manage their vested interest. That’s the reason why Instagram became popular and others fail. Let’s take a look at how Instagram grew to be the Giant it is Today in the Tech Industry.

Fulfilling requirements


From day one, the Instagram team was committed to providing the best services to the users. So, they conducted different surveys in order to find out that what are the facilities that people like to enjoy on a social media platform. And with the passage of the time, they found many suggestions and they kept making changes to the platform according to the requirement of users. So, when users found a platform that was always ready to fulfill their requirements, they happily started convincing their friends to use this new platform.

Targeting youngsters

The Instagram team knew that youngsters spend more time on social media sites as compared to the elders. So, without further thinking, they started offering features that played an important role in entertaining the youngsters. Although they designed several features for elders as well, their main focus was still satisfying the youngsters. And finally made it come true and became a Giant in social media industry within a very short span of time.

Collaboration with celebrities

The Instagram team knew that the social media users love collaborating with their favorite celebrities. So, they introduced several tools that were supposed to provide them the facility where they may collaborate with their favorite celebrities. So, it helped in bringing a unanimous change and many users started using this new platform that has become really popular nowadays. Here is more information about how Instagram grew too fast in today’s tech industry.

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