How safe is a Remote Backup Service?

There are many service providers who offer online back up services. Some of them are Citadel Remote Backup, SafeCopy Backup, ElephantDrive, Genie Online Backup, AT&T Online Vault, Carbonite,  iBackup. These are only a few to name.

Remote back up service are mostly suitable for individuals and small businesses. However, any of them trying these services without a good broadband connectivity as well as a high performing system – will for-sure visit the hell on earth.

In fact many people and many companies have been relying on some of the services mentioned above. The security of backing up data online is also questioned when services of even bog companies like Google and Twitter are being hacked.

Many of Remote backup services, encrypts the files that are to be backed up, in your PC itself so that they are not easily accessible even when steals them in mid of the back up process. In addition, some services even scramble the encrypted data through a SSL connection. This is the same mechanism that is used by online merchants to move credit card information.

What if the data is accessed at the data centers by their employees? Well, there are some services that offer remedy for this too. When they are encrypting the data on your PC, the encryption key will be given by yourself so that decrypting and encrypting can be done by none other than you.

However, there are certain precautions that are required to be taken up before opting for a service.

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