Google Chrome will summarize articles using AI

Google is beefing up its AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE) by introducing functionality that summarizes articles across the web. While SGE has effectively provided summaries for search results, this upgrade aims to improve the user experience after clicking on a link.

Called “SGE While Browsing”, this feature may not be immediately visible to most users. According to Google, this innovative feature will be released as part of their opt-in program, Search Labs. For those already using SGE, this feature will be automatically available. New users can opt for this feature through the program mentioned above. Initially, the release is for the Google app on Android and iOS platforms and plans to integrate it into the Chrome desktop browser are in the works.

Users accessing this feature in the Google app can tap an icon that will present AI-generated “key points” from the selected article. However, Google clarified that this feature is adapted to work only on publicly accessible articles on the web and content and articles hidden behind a subscription will not be affected.

In addition to this, the company also announced other improvements to SGE. Hovering over specific words will now display relevant definitions or charts for search results on science, economics or history. SGE, unveiled at Google I/O in May, has seen multiple improvements in the few months it’s been available. While opinions on the system may vary, Google has expressed satisfaction with SGE’s trajectory. CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed in the most recent earnings call that user reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

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