Finland offer 100 meg broadband to everyone

The government of Finland has just announced plans to offer a 100 megabit broadband connection to every home and business in Finland!

This follows on from their declaration last year; that a broadband Internet connection is a human right – and that every home in Finland will have a minimum 1 megabit per second connection.

100 megabit connection by 2015

The plan is for every home or business is to be within 2 kilometres of a super fats, 100 megabits fibre connection.  Whilst some homes will need to face the cost of that last 2 kilometres of fibre, it’s an opportunity that’s a pipe dream (sorry for the pun) for most of us.

When you consider that the population of Finland is under 6 million, yet its population is spread over an area that’s roughly the same size as the UK and Ireland combined, this is quite a project.

Well done Finland

I applaud the Fins for aiming at such a lofty goal.  I also hope it encourages (or shames) other governments to start investing in the kind of broadband infrastructure that people and businesses need.

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