Everything You Need to Know About IBM Power Servers

Modern business processes are being redefined with powerful forces which include mobile applications, big data analytics, and the cloud. The industry leaders are leveraging on these forces to build and maintain sustainable relationships with their clients and partners. At the center of all this are powerful servers from IBM. So, what is unique about the IBM’s power servers? Here is a list of everything that you need to know about the IBM’s power servers.

They are designed for big data

The IBM power servers have been optimized to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency when dealing with big data. The servers have been optimized for performance, and they can easily scale to support the ever demanding and growing workloads. They are built with specialized processors designed and specifically optimized for big data workloads which combine high computing power and a cutting edge memory bandwidth. It is easier for business operators to capitalize on the currency of data by finding useful business insights in a faster and more efficient manner. The IBM servers provide you with the elasticity that you require to handle the ever varying initiatives that many companies need.

The IBM power servers have been designed to run a broad range of the most demanding enterprise applications

The servers feature a wide range of industry-specific solutions, high-performance computing environments, and efficient relational database management systems. For example, the IBM Power7 servers are practically ideal server systems for Linux since they support a vast ecosystem of IBM SW unit and OpenSource ISV products. These two leading products tend to give customers the most effective single and industry-leading open architecture in which they can easily store, retrieve and derive value from the big data.

They support up to five operating systems

The power servers are unique in their own way. They have the ability to support up to five operating systems including AIX, IBM I, the family of Linux based systems namely Ubuntu, Suse, and Redhat. Currently, there is no any other server existing out there with similar capabilities.

IBM power servers are at the core of the OpenPOWER Foundation

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a leading community that is taking advantage of an open technology platform to help many organizations around the globe to create new opportunities and design the next generation applications that will drive core business processes. At the heart of the OpenPOWER is IBM’s POWER architecture. The power architecture differs from other servers in some ways. For example, IBM power servers use eight threads per processor core which lead to better performance. This means that the power servers can perform twice the number of transactions compared to other servers.

Overall, based on all the research we’ve done, the IBM Power Servers pack a serious punch and have the capability to handle almost anything.  If you’re looking for quality computing, this is it.

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