The past year has been a difficult one for the people behind dl.tv; the show “for tech fans – by tech fans!”


I first started watching dl.tv around episode 4 or 5 and immediately loved it! Back then, it was hosted by what I believe to be the most entertaining double-act in ‘tech broadcasting; Patrick Norton and Robert Heron. Robert Heron is just ‘extremely’ funny and Patrick Norton is a real professional – making these guys the perfect mix!

Within no time, dl.tv was a ‘must see’ for all geeks!

Sadly for dl.tv viewers, Patrick left the show to join Revision3 and front two shows; ‘Systm’ and ‘Tekzilla.’ Patrick Norton was replaced on dl.tv by Roger Chang – a move that showed why Roger is best kept behind the cameras! Talk to anyone who knows Roger Chang and they will tell you he is a funny, entertaining and extremely nice guy. Sadly, when you point a camera at him he looks really uncomfortable and awkward. This resulted in lots of negative posts in the dl.tv forums and was regularly commented upon by Roger himself during the shows.

Roger Chang soon left dl.tv – to join Revision3 and his place in front of the camera with Robert Heron was taken by a host of co-hosts!

Then things started to improve VERY quickly!

The new co-hosts include; Garnett Lee, Scott Asnault, Lloyd Case and (occasionally) Veronica Belmont. Garnet and Scott are excellent in front of the cameras and I think Garnett particularly has a BIG future in mainstream TV. Lloyd Case is a ‘full-on geek’ – he knows his stuff and I almost ALWAYS learn something after listening to him.

dl.tv is now, at it’s highest point since Patrick left – Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team of gifted people! I would personally like to THANK THEM for delivering some great content and for showing how with talent and the courage, you will always come out on top!

So, dl.tv has been through some rough times but it keeps bouncing back. Robert Heron is undoubtedly a big reason for the show retaining so many of its viewers during the more troubled times. He deserves a special mention as he is, in my honest opinion, one of the most entertaining and under-rated people in the ‘tech industry! Thanks Robert!

You can subscribe to dl.tv via iTunes or watch it live from the dl.tv website.

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