Are the top tech brands too important to A-List bloggers?

I have spoken to a few friends today, who shared the exact same observation as me.  Each said how interesting it was, that some A-Lister’s with access to Mark Zukerberg; such as Mashable’s Pete Cashmore and Buzz Machine’s Jeff Jarvis, were far more supportive of ‘Zuck and critical of his negative portrayal in the Facebook movie, than many less well connected journalists and bloggers were.

What was interesting, was that this question was even asked!  I don’t know Jeff or Pete and yet, because of the power Zuckerberg has in their industry and the fact that access to him is so valuable to people like Jeff and Pete, I found myself applying a filter, as I read what they wrote.

Can I reiterate, there is NO suggestion here that these guys did not write freely and from the heart.  My point is purely that brands like Facebook, Apple and Twitter etc, are now so important to A-List bloggers and ‘tech journalists, that I wonder how or if, that impacts what they say.  That’s what this post is about.

Leo Laporte is still paying the price for pissing off Twitter!

As Leo Laporte can testify, there can be a BIG price to pay for speaking from the heart.  It can see you seriously penalized!  Leo has previously spoken out against Twitter and was then omitted from Twitter’s enormously valuable Suggested User List. (Even though Leo was once the most followed person on Twitter!)  Twitter then decided to gift SUL places to less experienced and less outspoken tech journalists, including iJustine and Veronica Belmont.  Justine and Veronica ALSO picked up millions of Twitter followers between them, whilst Leo remained totally overlooked by the SUL. (Ouch!)

That’s a pretty clear message, for those who want to follow Leo’s route, when you consider that inclusion on that list can give you millions of followers.  Followers equal traffic, and these guy sell advertising – which makes a place on the SUL worth a fortune.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Are the top ‘tech brands, like Twitter, Google, Apple and Facebook now too important to A-List bloggers and ‘tech journalists?

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