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Welcome to The Tech News Blog!

Technology plays a big part in everyone’s life, but for people like you and me; it plays a HUGE part. We not only use technology, we also visit technology websites, watch technology programming, read technology blogs and newsletters and listen to technology podcasts.

We are interested in tech and the people who bring us our tech news – and that’s what this blog is all about!

I have been following technology news since around 1979; when I got my hands on my first computer, though I had already been a game player since the original “Pong” machines in the mid 1970’s.

I’m just the same as you; an end-user with a love of all things “tech.” Because The Tech News Blog is driven by a geeky love of tech – I have no need to pretend I love something just to get advertising or sponsorship. This is important because it means you can trust what I say. I might not always be right, but I will always “tell it like I see it!” I am not a Mac, PC or Linux fanboy – I use all three and there’s good and bad in all of them.