2nd Twitter virus / worm in 24 hours – Mickeyy!

For the 2nd time in just 24 hours, Twitter has been hit with a spam worm!  This time, it’s not the stalkdaily worm we reported on earlier today, but a new worm called mickeyy

Mickeyy – Twitter’s 2nd worm in 24 hours!

The mickeyy worm / virus is just like the last one; in that it seems to spread when people visit the web page, that contains a friends profile.  Viewing profiles, using clients like TweetDeck does not seem to cause infection.  This comes as a bit of a surprise, as Twitter claimed earlier to have plugged the security gap that allowed the previous hack exploit.

The Mickeyy worm comes hot on the heels of yesterday’s stalkdaily worm, which was infecting Twitter with its own spam payload. Whilst neither of these worms are reported to be dangerous, they are beginning to show some amazing holes in Twitters security.

Mickeyy worm – What to do

To avoid infection, our friends over at mashable.com suggest the following:

  1. Stop visiting Twitter profiles on the web, since these are the source.
  2. You might want use a 3rd party app like TweetDeck (TweetDeck reviews) or Seesmic Desktop for now.
  3. Disable javascript in your browser settings, or use a Firefox (Firefox reviews) add-on like no-script, which stops unwanted scripts from running.

If you think you might be infected, the mashable link above also gives details on what to do. (thanks mashable!)

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